Meet the Innkeepers

People often ask me, "Did you always dream of doing a bed and breakfast", and the odd answer to that question is "no". I had never planned on being an Innkeeper. In 2008 the Manor came up for sale, and we came to the open house to see what the home looked like on the inside. While touring the Manor I quickly feel in love with the house. As I walked through I began to dream how I could own this home, and run it as a Bed and Breakfast.

I had always planned to be a stay at home mom when I had children someday, and suddenly this seemed like the perfect way to be able to do just that. My passion for baking, cooking, and keeping house all seemed to fit just right. Soon I had a goal of not only running a bed and breakfast, but also making it a unique experience. I felt that everyone deserved to see this magnificent home, enjoy an overnight stay that was extravagant and yet reasonably priced, and walk away feeling like they had just taken a step back in time. After months of prayer, and some serious decision-making, we bought the Manor in May of 2009.

In July of 2012 we welcomed our first child into our home. William is energetic, all boy, and loves exploring all the rooms of the Manor. Chances are you will catch a glimpse of William at breakfast, or outside helping his dad take care of landscaping. We became a family of four in November of 2014 when Caroline was born.  Caroline is a sweet social girl who loves to follow Mom and help with guests.  Then in October of 2016 our third child was born!  Adelaide is a happy healthy baby and is keeping us busy.  Our family is settled into this home and we invite you to come stay with us. Walk away feeling refreshed, and have an amazing experience different from any other place you will stay.

Amanda Smith
(Tom, William, Caroline and Adelaide)